Mystery surrounds the murder of a young father whose body was discovered on the dunes near his Mitchells Plain home.

Leroy Abrahams, 25, was last seen by his family on Tuesday night.

Yesterday morning his neighbour found him dead with gunshot wounds to his head, lower back and chest.

Westridge residents gathered in Angus Road shortly after 9am yesterday as Mitchells Plain police cordoned off the area where his body was found.

Provincial police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, says about 8.30am officers were alerted by the community.

“The victim had sustained several gunshot wounds to his body.

“Allegedly residents reported hearing gunshots being fired around 2.30am,” he said.

Residents and police have confirmed that the young man was not a member of any gang.

His hartseer mother Tanya Lof, 45, says she has no idea why someone would kill Leroy, who was just a happy, young father.

“I was at home this morning when one of our neighbours went to his granny’s house where he lived and told them that they found his body on the dunes. They came to tell me and then they called the police,” she says.

Tanya says her son spent his days selling vegetables and fruit in Town Centre to provide for his daughter Michaela, five, and his six-week-old son, Kaden.

“He is the second eldest child. I have five children and he was just a happy guy. I saw him the day before yesterday and he was still telling me how happy he was,” she says.

“He was not married, but he had a girlfriend. He grew up here in Westridge and we have lived here a long time. I have no idea why someone would want to kill him.”

Van Wyk says the motive for the murder has not yet been established and says a person has been taken in for questioning by police.

Anyone with info about the murder is asked to call Detective Sergeant Bradley Schuurman on 082 777 8076.