A NEW drug has found its way into the hands of young people in kasis.

The cheap, kasi-manufactured drug has been found around Durban, especially in KwaMashu, Inanda and Umlazi.

Apparently those seeking a high mix a codeine-based flu syrup, cold drink and Disprin tablets.

 A source from KwaMashu said a number of youngsters in his kasi were crazy about it.

“I doubted it could make you high but I tried it and it worked.

“It’s usually used by people at shebeens. It lasts for some hours and makes you feel like you are flying. The feeling is heightened when it’s combined with alcohol.”

Another source said the guys in the kasis are broke.

“This is considered a cheaper way to get high or boost alcohol in the body.”

A woman (42) from Umlazi said if she can’t get drunk she boosts the booze with cough syrup.

Dr Lochan Naidoo, founder of the drug rehabilitation centre Jullo, said codeine is a strong drug used to relieve pain. He said using the syrup is nothing new.

“It’s addictive if overdosed. It’s quickly absorbed into the body and aggravated by the intake of alcohol, sweet drinks or central nervous system depressants.”

Naidoo said an overdose leads to breathing difficulties, a slow heartbeat, dizziness, hallucinations and even death.