The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) and Blood Lions have released a new short film to create awareness about the welfare of captive bred lions and other predators in South Africa.

The NSPCA and Blood Lions condemn the growing trend of captive lion facilities that exploit their lions for monetary gain. Blood Lions, an award-winning documentary and campaign gave the canned hunting, predator breeding and cub petting global exposure.

While the NSPCA has a dedicated wildlife unit to check and monitor these predator farms regularly, the captive lion industry is growing at an alarming rate and is extremely popular in South Africa. But this trade comes at a huge price, with the lack of welfare and inhumane treatment of the lions as a result.


“Animal welfare considerations are regarded as a pillar of any civilised society. In South Africa, we have a predator breeding industry that has far too many operators paying scant regard to this pillar, a situation that undermines our moral compass. Blood Lions supports those that bring awareness to all aspects of animal welfare. And when the breeding stops, welfare will no longer be a concern,” said Ian Michler of Blood Lions.

Lions are bred and raised in captivity, denying them of their one basic need, freedom and being wild. This comes with excessive welfare concerns from birth until death.