According to an anonymous source in the area, the problem has been going on for close to three years now.

MBOMBELA – Amid the summer heat, the Nelsville swimming pool is closed. Located in the community centre, the pool is in a state of disarray with overgrown grass, green water and bricks missing from the pavement area.

The pool was initially closed for the tiles to be fixed, which had become jagged and were hurting the children’s feet. In the process, the individual who was tasked with doing so erroneously removed bricks from the pavement as well. According to the source, the person failed to return after promising to fix it.

Currently, members of the public have the opportunity to purchase season tickets to make use of the pool. For adults a full-season ticket costs R154, while a half-season ticket costs R92. Children have the option of purchasing a half-season ticket for R52. According to the source, a number of kids have purchased tickets in anticipation of being able to use the facilities during the festive period:

“They are disappointed over the fact that they cannot use the pool. To my knowledge no plans have been made to refund them and others who have purchased tickets.”

According to Municipal spokesman Joseph Ngala, the swimming pool is not ready for public use. He claims that  it is still closed for re-tiling.

some of the bricks have been taken out of the pavement.

Ngala made it clear that the municipality was unaware that there were people who had purchased season tickets. In response to this issue he said: “people who have purchased these tickets can use them at the Van Riebeeck Park swimming pool.”