Police seized two tons of fireworks at a dealer in Voortrekker Street, in the CBD, on December 28

Lt Col Mack Mngomezulu, Ekurhuleni Central Cluster police spokesperson, said police requested a permit for the fireworks, but the owner of the store could not produce one at the time.

He said the owner later produced paper work, but was in contravention of his permit as it stipulated he was a wholesaler and was not allowed to sell to the public.

“He met with police [on December 29],” Mngomezulu said.

“The fireworks will not be returned and he will have to appear in court.”

According to the Explosives Act 26 of 1956, being in possession of fireworks weighing 1 000kg or more without a permit justifies a court appearance.

Various fines are also applicable when dealing or being in possession of fireworks.

Any person who deals with fireworks, weighing less than 1 000kg without a license issues by an inspector of explosives, can be fined R500.

The fine payable for being in possession of unauthorised fireworks is also R500.

A fine of R300 can be issued if a dealer does not keep sufficient record of the fireworks in stock and the same amount can be fined if fireworks are not packed or sealed according to regulation