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Hijacker knocked over my motorist

Hijacker’ knocked over

The Lyttelton police are calling on a motorist who hit a would-be hijacker on Monday morning to come make a statement.

Police spokesperson Captain Dave Miller said it was alleged two people who had been given a lift by another motorist and later tried to hijack the person who had helped them.

“The suspects were armed and shot the owner of the vehicle.”

Miller said the owner fought one suspect outside the vehicle on the R21.

“This is when the suspect was knocked over,” said Miller adding the other suspect had fled.

He said the injured suspect and his victim were taken to hospital.

“The suspect remains under police guard and will be charged with attempted hijacking and attempted murder,” said Miller.

Miller asked that the passer-by contact the Lyttelton police as soon as possible on the following number: 079-694-6354.

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