Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, says on Tuesday, crime intelligence officers were conducting patrols when they spotted a blue BMW X5 parked outside a well-known drug outlet in Keith Road.

Officers saw a man come out of the house and walk over to the car.

“Upon spotting the SAPS officers, a man who was on his way to the vehicle turned back towards the residence. Officers managed to get to the suspect before he could close the burglar gate and door,” says Van Wyk.

Upon searching the dirtbin, into which officers had seen the man throw something, they found a large amount of cash wrapped in clingwrap.”

SEIZED: Cash found

Van Wyk says while searching the house, police also found cash inside the stove and the fridge.

He says the 28-year-old suspect was taken in for questioning and the undisclosed amount of cash was handed over to the National Prosecuting Authority.

“An enquiry will be opened and investigated by Grassy Park SAPS. The cash is suspected to be the proceeds of drug dealing, and it is believed that the suspect was on his way to pay the cash to the driver of the blue BMW,” adds Van Wyk.