A taxi driver who tried to flee a roadblock on foot was too slow for local police who caught him on the streets of Hanover Park on Thursday.


The 24-year-old driver from Nyanga was “dik gerook” and thought he could outrun police commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Dawood Laing, and other officers who found him hiding in a home in Groenall Walk.

he dramatic chase played out just after 9am as Philippi Saps, Metro Police, Law Enforcement and Traffic Services conducted vehicle checks along Govan Mbeki Road.

Vehicles entering and exiting Hanover Park were searched for guns and other weapons.

The taxi driver was stopped by a traffic cop who asked for his licence, but the driver instead decided to abandon the taxi filled with passengers and ran into Hanover Park with Laing hot at his heels.

“I found him hiding in the house and the residents were hiding him. They like doing that because they think it is a robber and so they get paid for hiding them,” says Laing.

“But it is dangerous because they have no idea whether or not the man is armed. I mean he could be a murderer or a rapist and they do this.”

The taxi boss was called and he informed police that the taxi driver had been smoking dagga at the Nyanga taxi terminus that morning and the owner told him he could not drive passengers, but the driver stole the taxi and sped off.

He was fined by traffic officers and released.

A total of 246 fines to the value of R125 000 were issued and 546 vehicles were searched.

Station commander Colonel Dennis Abels says they will continue with crime prevention operations in Hanover Park: “An integrated approach and stronger bond with the community will ensure a safer festive season.”