The 16-year-old, identified on the social media platform as Charlie, is seen lifting the cat with both hands, then flinging it high into the air (left and right). The cat can then be seen hitting the ground, clearly in pain

At first unclear if the cat survived the throw, Ontario Police released a statement on Twitter on Saturday night saying the cat was alright.

‘We are investigating the animal cruelty to a cat video. We have located the cat & owner. The cat has leg fracture but is going to be ok,’ the department wrote.

The cat’s owner, Perla, and her mother told NBC4 they refuse to watch the video because it’s too upsetting.

‘I just want him to know he hurt a victim that can’t defend itself,’ she said.

Her cat, named Spots, is a stray she found four months ago. After being rushed to an emergency clinic, it was determined that Spots suffered a broken leg.